Investing In Patents is Russ Krajec’s new book about patents – from the perspective of the angel investor.

Russ’s experience as an inventor, patent attorney, COO and CEO of startup companies, and patent owner/broker is brought to bear in Investing In Patents.

Russ’s investment vehicle, BlueIron IP, is an angel investor in startup companies.  BlueIron finances the patents for a startup, and Investing In Patents explains the criteria and techniques BlueIron uses to separate good inventions from bad ones.

Investors often treat patents as a “check the box” item in due diligence, but most patents are worthless.  Moreover, some patents are actually damaging to the company.

Investing In Patents walks the investor through the patent process, discussing the relationships and motivations of the inventors, patent attorneys, examiners, CEOs, and investors.  The book includes due diligence checklists and rule of thumb analyses that every angel and venture capital investor can use to evaluate new ideas or existing patents.